About the Author

I'm Katbot V. Rave-light
Ask me anything you wish at my formspring.

I am:
A wannabe artist
A Violist
A Webcomic artist in training
A saxophonist in training!

I love:
Mozart, Ravel, Lizst, Rachmaninoff,
South Park
Classical Music
WNYC'S Radiolab & NPR
The Radio chick
Ties & Men's Suits
Nodame Cantabile
Chet Baker
Peep Show (The Television Show)

Favorite books:
Janet Planet
Jude's law
Misery loves Cabernet
Horse and His boy
Catcher in the Rye
A series of unfortunate events
The voyage of the dawn treader

About Spoiled Milk

Spoiled Milk is an online comic about the daily lives of Katarina Bottskynii and her friends. The strive to complete their last year of high school and survive college without dying, fucking up, or getting knocked up etc.

The cast contains a group on 18-28 year old characters that grow and change throughout the story

For more of her works : Please check out Her DeviantArt

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